Friday, 29 March 2019


Friendship tips

1: be yourself everywhere so someone can have the same Attitude like  when your at church and the people that are singing tells you to stand up you stand up and cheer.

2: make a difference make a difference is making a difference in another person's life like if there in  court

And if you have a paper that someone told you to write something about don’t put him in jail don’t used that just use your brain because that's how you made it through college.

3:remember names means like if you were born after someone else like you call them miscarriage right don’t just say WOW I HAVE A TWIN then walk away talk to your mum or dad grandpa nana to solve the problem probably your mum didn’t want to tell you because you weren’t ready or you just wouldn’t care about.

4: remember the little things that means like probably someone you lost in the war or cancer or competing suicide like 2016 i lost my baby sister her name is faith
She died because i stressed out my too much that's why you should remember the little things

Thursday, 28 March 2019


Search 1 - the Technology question
‘Collins dictionary’ + oxford + meaning + definition + concise + Technology +

Number of hits = 26,900 hits

This is my work from tech last week Mr Daniels told us to search up some jobs and careers and jobs but in cartoons we all got our own cartoon character my one was a police detective scinetest and streamer

Friday, 15 March 2019


On Wednesday we were all heading to polyfest polyfest is a event where there are confessions stans and other schools who are watching the people who are dancing
On the stage the year 5 block where exited me to because i haven’t been to polyfest
we got on the bus ready to go to polyfest it took a 20 minute’s to get their when we got there me and my friend’s where hungry so after the dance they just made us to do we all had a mango fruit in a cup. and it was so nice we walked around more to look at other

Confession stans because we were still hungry i bought me something a just juice we walked around some more to other confession stans. eating some food like Dumpling pork buns cake and getting toys and glasses from people when we were ready to go back to the stage we were first at so they told us to get up and dance with the monkey that came a minute ago after finishing the  dance with the monkey we went on the bus then we went home.     

Friday, 8 March 2019


today we are talking about our career and family friend's sis bro mum dad this is all what were where learning about our past present future and our shield my shield is me my family friend's best friend's all of them the islander's  people i like at first  sight crushes
God Jesus church