Friday, 18 March 2016

The Frog

Floating on the leaf a small cricket was going home. Gripping onto the tree a slimy green fog was looking for food. He saw a cricket and and that was his prey.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Count By 2s

We were learning to count by 2s.

Check out our movie - we are superstars!

Friday, 11 March 2016

New Zealand Flag

New Zealanders have begun voting on whether to change their flag from a design which features the British Union Jack to one which features a silver fern. Some people say that the current flag is too similar to Australia’s flag. Also, New Zealand is no longer a part of Britain and we need a flag that represents our nation.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Key Competency Goal Setting

Key Competency Goal

My Key Competency Goal is I am learning to manage myself and my learning.