Monday, 2 December 2019


Today dr terry was showing us what are Chromosomes every chromosome in our body has a centre which is related to you or your 

Parents red your mum blue dad so dr terry said we have 23 chromosomes of our parents 23 from our dad 23 from your mom then dr terry said we had to draw a try find out which chromosomes goes together with another we had to put two of the same Chromosomes in one section and after that we had to draw and lable the Chromosomes

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Generations of the pirates of the seven seas

on friday 12:00 three pirates named henry Avery, Anne Bonny and Thomas two when they were little kids they always dreamed of being the most fearcisess pirates of the seven seas so they told their friends but they laughed at them threw stuff at them but not the kids that just came to this island there names were francis drake and king tibet and lady luck they are best Explorers in the 
World everyone one talking to them giving them food 
Then Avery bonny and Tom went to ask for Advice about being the best pirates in the world, the three of them nodded at them and asked what there name was Avery shaked francis drake's hand and said hello my name is Henry or you can call me Avery bonny shakes his hands and says it’s a pleasure to meet you. my name is Anne Bonny Thomas two shook three of there hands and said HELLO!!! My name is Thomas and it is a blast to meet the best Explorers in the Universe they all started laughing so they were talking to them about a minute how to become the best pirate in the world they first (flashback) …………………………. They woke up in the middle of nowhere stranded on a small wooden ship with a little bit of food and water they were trying to remember what happened to them but they didn’t remember a thing 
Of what happened they looked around for like flare or a cannon pistol then they found a cannon pistol and a flare but it only had one bullet so they had to use it wisely and wait so they decided to use the cannon for combat and the flare to see if there's a ship so they waited and waited and waited until something started shaking the ships they looked to see what was causing the shaking so they decided

To go into the water and sea what was causing the shaking Avery decided to go into the water and see what was going on  

Wednesday, 30 October 2019


In every country it has its traditional dances or at least they should complete with quirky outfits high socks ribbons and bows germany for many years The Schuhplattler is a traditional style of folk dance popular in the regions of bavaria and tyrol they may be seen today in Europe and in germany